How to Change Yahoo Password-

How to Change Yahoo Password?

Yahoo is an email service provider that provides us for spacing to exchange information, knowledge, ideas with the help of emails. A common issue ‘forgot Yahoo Password’ needs a proper and permanent solution. If you forgot your Yahoo password, you must be in a panicking situation because our account holds a bunch of information that is confidential and should not be shared. In this type of cases we try to recover the password, or if we are well aware of the situation, we would take the precaution and Change Yahoo Password.

Steps to Change Yahoo password

1. Open Yahoo’s website

  • If you want to change the password of your Yahoo account, you must open its website first. Put the address of Yahoo mail, in your address bar

How to change Yahoo Password 1

2. Profile Name Creation

  • At first, click on the name of your profile.

How to change Yahoo Password 2

  • At the right corner, you are supposed to click on sign in. Then move to the account info.

How to change Yahoo Password 3

3. Account security

  • Click on the security tab. Move to the account info page

How to change Yahoo Password 4

4. Change Password

  • After you are done, click on the option of change password

How to change Yahoo Password 6

5. Set up the password

  • You must type your new password twice. This step clarifies that you have Reset Yahoo password

How to change Yahoo Password 7

6. Save changes

  • After you are done with the steps given above, you are supposed to click on the Continue button. As soon as you click on it, the entire process that you tried to proceed would be done.

How to change Yahoo Password 8

These are the ways and steps you must follow to change Yahoo password. You can try to fix the issue manually by following the steps. The experts are present all the time to guide you and assist you. If you still face any difficulty or doubts, you are supposed to contact Yahoo support.

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