How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 1242

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 1242

Yahoo mail has contributed to the society from the time it has been introduced to its users. It is compatible with any device and works efficiently on any platform. The user has relied on it for a very long time. But there have been situations when the iOS users faced issue with Yahoo service. Issues like Yahoo Error 1242 were encountered. Hence to solve it here are some of the steps which would allow the user to troubleshoot and fix the issue which the user is facing while they work on Yahoo platform.

Why does Yahoo error code 1242 ARISE?

The error can arise at any time. Hence, the user faces Yahoo mail Error 1242 due to the following reason:

  • There is a depraved Windows System folder. The system sometimes involves itself with corrupt files and folders
  • Incoming of the Viruses and Malware can ruin the service and the performance.
  • Improper or lack of Installation results in the error code 1242
  • Deletion of Files and Folders. Often users delete the window system in one go which results in error code 1242

Symptoms of error code 1242

The symptoms which are involved in error 1242, while the user is using Yahoo mail are:

  • The user would see constant incoming of error messages
  • The slowing down of the performance in the operating system is due to Yahoo Error code 1242
  • The user needs have locked up a file in the system
  • The system is frozen multiple times
  • The user after this error is unable to install any type of application which they want to use
  • If the user has an unsuccessful repairing then there are chances that the data in the system is lost or deleted
  • The user has the authority to contact Yahoo services after following the troubleshooting steps

How to solve it?

Solving the error code1242 is easy and simple. The user can solve Yahoo mail Error code 1242 with the help of following steps. The steps involved in the process are:

  • Start your computer
  • The user needs to login to the system as the administrator
  • Now tap the start option and choose the option which says “All Programs.”
  • Tap on the option stating “System Restore” and select “Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time in the new Windows” option
  • Tap on the list and tap on the restore option
  • Tap the confirm button
  • Now start the system once again

These are some of the ways in which the user can solve the issue of 1242; if the user still faces the same problem even after following the above steps, then they can contact the helpline service of Yahoo support. The 24/7 helpline number has professionals and experts which would help the user with the instructions and the solutions which are involved in the process.

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