How to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error Code 14?

Yahoo is one of those sites which have provided its user with multiple benefits and functions. It has given the user an authority to send and receive the desired messages. But there are times when the user faces issue with it. Yahoo Temporary Error 14 is one of those errors which can rise to the service anytime. Hence, as quickly as it appears, it can also be resolved. To resolve this issue the user needs to follow some necessary steps which would help the platform to remove the error codes. The steps involved are:

What is Yahoo Error Code 14?

Yahoo error 14 arises when the email account of the user becomes really unresponsive and inactive. The error code is presented on the screen of the system. The user can encounter this error on any machine like a system, or maybe a tablet. This issue is related to the server. So the user needs to follow some steps to eradicate it from the platform.

Steps involved in solving Yahoo error 14

Yahoo Mail Error 14 can be resolved quickly. These are some of the measures which the user can use while they eliminate this issue.

  • The very first step for the user is to sign out of the Yahoo account.
  • If the user is facing the problem on the system, then they need to sign. It should be signed out from both, the Yahoo platform as well as from that particular system. It also includes the remaining device from where the user has logged in.
  • Check whether the browser which is being used has fulfilled all the set of instructions and criteria which is needed to operate it
  • Next, the user needs to clear all the cache data and the cookies which are there on the browser.
  • Now the user needs to close the browser which they are using and restart it once again.
  • Once all the above steps are done, the user needs to log into the Yahoo account once again.
  • Log in to the account with the help of user ID and password.
  • Verify that the temporary error 14 Yahoo fix has taken place. Do it by running a small test.
  • Scan the PC for any nasty bugs. If the user obtains any type of malware, then it is recommended to remove it immediately.
  • Check if the operating system is updated or not. If not then the user needs to update it.
  • Verify that the browser which the user is using is up to date otherwise you need to update it too.
  • The user needs to change the settings which are there for the Yahoo account according to the necessities.
  • The user even needs to update the software in their system.

If the user still faces issues with the same topic or related to Yahoo, then they can contact the helpline number of Yahoo support. The customer would be provided with the solution and troubleshooting steps.

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