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Yahoo is that one service which has a foundation; unlike any other internet provider, they have the sustainability to accomplish a mass bargaining power through the buyer and seller. The services of Yahoo produce an overwhelming curve in the marketplace. Although Yahoo mail errors sometimes ruin the products and settings of the mailing function these errors are typical and easily replaceable. That’s the reason why Yahoo is among the top emailing service provider of this time.  The 24/7 Yahoo Customer Service and support number bring out the best of Yahoo assistance.

Phone Number:  ☎ 877-211-2011

Call Time:        Average Wait: 1 mins — Mon – Fri: 7am – 9pm (CST) Sat : 9am – 6pm

However, there might be one of those days when the user is facing issues in their Yahoo mail services. “Forgot Yahoo password” or “Yahoo account hacked” are some of the problems which the user encounter with and struggle through. Hence, here are some troubleshooting steps which the user can follow while fixing their Yahoo email.

 Change Yahoo Password 


This is a known fact that Yahoo mail change password procedure guards the information against hackers and keeps the messages secure. Regardless of the reason for wanting to update the Yahoo Mail password, it’s a good idea to do it. The fact that the user can change Yahoo email password periodically is that it would make it much harder for anyone to access the account because the same password isn’t used for an extended period. Here are steps for how to change yahoo email password:

  • Open the Yahoo website and log-in to the account.
  • Once you are logged in, go to the left side of the page stating “Personal info” and go to account security.
  • Select the “change my Yahoo password” link in the “How you sign in” section.
  • Enter a new and secure password.
  • The user needs to do it twice to confirm that they have typed it correctly.
  • Tap the continue button.
  • The procedure of change Yahoo password has been completed now the user should return to the log-in page and again try signing-in with the new password.

 Forgot Yahoo Password 


The thought of “I forgot my yahoo password” is one of the most horrific ideas anybody can deal with. Considering that the user uses this service for most of the critical work, this might seem an impossible task but recovering the Yahoo password is a typical issue and can be solved by three ways. The three methods are:

  • Via phone number
  • Via email address
  • Via security questions

1. Yahoo mail forgot password recovery via phone number

  • Visit the main page of Yahoo and tap on the option “Forgot my Yahoo password.”
  • Tap on the option “I have a problem with my password.”
  • Next fill in the Yahoo email ID then taps on “next” option again.
  • The registered phone number or email ID would appear. Tap yes and click on next.
  • A verification code is delivered to the registered phone number or Email ID. Type in the code.
  • Enter the password and re-enter it in the dialog box given below.

2. Yahoo mail forgot password recovery via security questions.

In case the user forgot Yahoo password then this recovery process will be useless.

  • Type the Yahoo ID and then tap to next.
  • After this, insert the captcha code provided.
  • Then answer the secret questions to recover the password.
  • Lastly, enter the new password and re-enter to confirm.

 Yahoo Mail Errors 


Yahoo Sign in Errors is one of the most common email errors which the user faces while working on Yahoo email services. Some of the most common mistakes which the user encounters while working on Yahoo are:

  • Yahoo Mail Error 19
  • Yahoo Error 1242
  • Yahoo Mail Error 999

1. Yahoo Mail Error 19

Error 19 is one of the Yahoo mail server errors which is temporary and solves itself up in 30 minutes if it doesn’t then the user can follow these aspects

  • Allow the browser to accept cookies.
  • Scan the system for spyware, malware, or other viruses.
  • Access Yahoo using a supported browser and operating system to avoid Yahoo mail app sign in error

2. Yahoo Mail error 1242

The Yahoo temporary server error which is error 1242 occurs when a corrupted windows system files and incorrect configuration of windows system files. This can be solved by:

  • Start the system and log as an administrator
  • Tap the start button and choose all Programs. Now click system restore
  • Choose to restore “My Computer.” Now tap on the list and tap a restore point list

3. Yahoo Mail Error 999

When a user states that “I can’t access my Yahoo account” he/she is having error 999 and to solve this error the user can follow these steps:

  • Access Yahoo account on another system if there is an issue related yahoo mail unable to sign in.
  • Enabling the cookies
  • Use a supported browser
  • Scan the system

 Yahoo Account Hacked 


The question of how to retrieve hacked yahoo account have always haunted people’s mind. Hacking of the account may result in various malfunctions. Hence, the answer to “How can I recover my hacked yahoo account” has been given below:

  • Visit the “Yahoo and sign in to the account” option.
  • Tap on account info. It would redirect you to the profile account page.
  • Choose account security from the options mentioned on the left side-bar.
  • Tap on change password on the account security page.
  • Insert the captcha and tap on continue to resolve the “Yahoo Account hacked cant log in” issue.

 Yahoo Password and Account Recovery 


If the user has forgotten their Yahoo password, then they can recover it quickly. Yahoo account recovery is possible when the user has registered an alternative email address or a phone number.

In cases where the accounts have absolutely no activity in the past 12 months are at risk of being deleted. Abandoned and old accounts are often quickly removed from the server. Yahoo mail recovery account in that cases are impossible.

Yahoo email recovery is done in the following cases:

  • When the user forget Yahoo email ID
  • When the user faces invalid email address or password message
  • When the user sign-in from a different device
  • When the yahoo mail account has been locked

 Yahoo Customer Service and Support Number 


There is the time when the user wants a direct interaction with the Yahoo support customer service for a better assistance and help. The user can connect with the Yahoo mail customer support number with the following steps:

  • Open Yahoo’s Email a Specialist page.
  • Enter your Yahoo email address.
  • Add your email address and Re-enter it again
  • Provide a detailed description of the issue
  • Then click on request or simply call Yahoo mail support.



There are situations when the user wants help and assistance in regards to the platform they are using. As quick and developing the technology is, there are different ways in which the customer can contact Yahoo support helpline services. The three ways in which the user can contact Yahoo number are:

Contact Yahoo Help at

Yahoo Info 


Yahoo Help Desk Address
Team for assistance Yahoo Customer Service
Availability 24*7 (round the clock)
Call back option Available
Average response time 5 min
Other modes for availing help via social media (Facebook, Twitter  & chat service)
Yahoo Customer Support Rating 82% upvote
Yahoo Phone Number for Billing 1-866-562-7228

1. Via Yahoo Mail support

24*7 Yahoo support online service providers are always there for the users to help then conquer their doubts and mistakes. The user needs to write an email to the Yahoo mail support This would allow them to register the complaint and eradicate their doubts.

2. Via Yahoo Live Chat

There is another option for the user and i.e. to type there issue in the Yahoo live chat provided on the web page. This is a small dialogue box which appears on the side of every webpage. Yahoo help providers see through the issue and try to assist the users via these live chats.

3. Via Yahoo phone number

If the user is not comfortable in typing the issue and rather prefer to talk to the assistance providers then they can contact the Yahoo mail customer support number for more assistance and help.

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Chauncil Hawkins

Can’t contact you by email but can receive your filthy, and borderline promotion of prostitution. Every time I unsubscribe I receive the infamous MAILER-DAEMON(at) failure notice emails which is ironic because I never subscribed to emails from from the Republic of Cyprus or any of the others. It also will not allow me to block any incoming emails.

8 months ago
jhon Villson

Great job

I wasn’t unable to reset the Yahoo Password since last 5 days. I tried almost everything, but failed. Thank God I came across this article. It’s a savior to me. I just followed the steps given here and I was able to reset it.
Thanks “ContactforYahoo”

7 months ago
lilly Jhonson

Helpfull Site

Such a nicely written article. Good work. The steps are accurate, and I am saying this because I have personally tried the Yahoo password recovery steps. It worked.


7 months ago
Alice Dale

I can’t open my emails after I changed my phone help me..

7 months ago
Marlene Berggren

Hi I got something in my email that says it will clean up my computer for 4.99 a month. It has Yahoo all over it and I just want it is really from you and is not a scam. Marlene

7 months ago

It’s been more than a week, but I am not able to access my Yahoo mail account. I tried everything but its shows Yahoo mail login problems. Help me out to fix this error permanently. I want Yahoo mail customer service number to get professional help.

7 months ago

I forgot my Yahoo password and don’t know the process of recovery. So I called yahoo support number which was given on this site. Thank god the number was correct and I got a resolution of the experts in Yahoo password recovery.
Thank you so much!

7 months ago

I don’t know why I keep getting unwanted emails on my Yahoo mail account. I want to block emails on Yahoo so that I don’t get these emails. Please provide me a relevant solution for the problem.

7 months ago

Help me

It’s been more than a week, but I am not able to access my Yahoo mail account. I tried everything but its shows Yahoo mail login problems. Help me out to fix this error permanently. I want Yahoo mail customer service number to get professional help.

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some of you post as I cogitated they were quite beneficial invaluable.

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I must say got into this site. I found it to be interesting and loaded with unique points of interest.

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locked out

I cannot access my Yahoo mail what’s up?

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Kelvin fox

Yahoo Customer Service Number

I need Yahoo Customer Service Number urgently. Can anyone help me with that? Also, the blogs written here is extremely nice but I want a detailed guideline because My Yahoo Mail is not working properly. And, I have a gut feeling that my Yahoo account has been hacked. So, it is urgent for me to get the Yahoo contact number. Please provide me their official number asap.

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Error Code 12

I am getting Yahoo Mail error code 12 on my computer screen. I am tensed as I don’t know how to fix it. Can anyone help me with the proper steps?

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Yahoo Support Number

Can anyone provide me with the correct Yahoo Customer support number?

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