Yahoo Mail not Working on Iphone - How to Fix It

Yahoo mail not working on iPhone – How to fix it?

Every individual in this world has marked their favorite email service for the process of exchanging essential data with their clients. For some, Yahoo does the same and accurate work with excellent efficiency and exceptional performance. Like the rest of the mobile users, iPhone users to look up to this service. Yahoo mail works well with the iOS service and its devices. But there are times when the user encounter issues in Yahoo application while it is being used with the iPhone platform. They face problems in its structure and operation. Therefore, to solve it the user can follow some steps which are mentioned below. The instructions involved in the process are:

Solving the issues in Yahoo mail app while working with iPhone device

The user can contact Yahoo if they have any problems regarding the application. But before the user thinks of calling the number, they can follow some steps to troubleshoot it. IPhone is listed as one of those platforms where the app designing and architecture is responsive 90 percent of the time. The rest 10 percent are times when it behaves aloof and impassive.

Does the account work outside the app?

Yahoo mail app sometimes is flooded with threads and errors. To solve it the user has an option to see if there account is working outside the application or not. The user can do that by logging into the Yahoo Mail from a system or laptop using the desired web browser. The user needs to create and send an email to their email ID and wait for some time.  There might be a possibility that Yahoo mail application is down or not working in the area.

Updating iOS

The user first needs to update the iOS system in order to perform the remaining steps. To update iOS, the user can follow the following steps:

  • The user needs to install the new version of iTunes on their system.
  • Next, connect the device to the system.
  • Now the user needs to open iTunes and choose the device.
  • Tap on the summary option, then tap to verify if there is an update or not
  • If yes, then tap the download option and then tap the option stating update.
  • The user can insert the passcode if asked about

Updating Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail inevitably requires itself to refresh its internal system every once in a while. This only means that it is vital for the user to update it on a timely basis. Hence, to update the application on the iPhone, the user can follow the following steps:

  • Go to the App Store on the iOS device and then click the “Updates” option. Click the “Update” option which is next to the Yahoo Mail to update it.
  • There might be a probability that the app is up-to-date. If there is no option stating “update” then chances are that the application has already been upgraded.

SMTP server

If the application and the platform have already been updated and checked then the user can work on SMTP server. To do so, the user can follow the following steps:

  • Visit the Settings option and go to the option stating accounts and Passwords
  • Now go to the option saying “outgoing mail server SMTP” and other SMTP Servers.
  • In the rest of the SMTP servers, the hostname which the user would see is
  • The user might require entering the full username and password
  • Next, the user has to set the port to 465, and yes to SSL.

These are some of the solutions which the user can follow while they are troubleshooting the Yahoo mail app in iPhone. If the user still feels that the issue has not been resolved, then they can contact the helpline service of Yahoo customer care number. The professionals would help the user with the difficulties and problems.

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